Lean Home was founded by me, Juliet George, a busy mum of 3 young, demanding children (and husband!). I have always been an instinctive organiser, helping out friends, family, even school, with re-organising and de-cluttering projects.  Before founding Lean Home, I worked for over 10 years as a conference organiser across the UK, Europe and the USA.

How did this lead me to professional organising in the home?

Following our move to Sydney in 2010, I found out how essential it is to be organised and clutter-free to effectively juggle work, home and family life, having left friends and family support behind in the UK.  Based on my love of organising in the home and at work, I realised that I could really help, inspire and motivate others to transform their busy lives by getting organised and staying organised.  With this, my professional organising business, Lean Home, was created.

Why Lean Home?

I first came across the concept of “lean” as one of the major themes of the corporate conferences that I organised in the UK and USA.  Applying lean practices is all about organising your business to maximise efficiency with minimum resources and waste (i.e. time, money, energy).

So why not adopt lean organisational skills in your home? Being lean in your home means creating the most organised and efficient home environment for you, while saving you time, money and effort in the long-term; hence the name Lean Home.  

Nobody’s perfect and you have to start somewhere

A home will never be tidy all the time with young children around and a busy family life, however, it is possible to be organised and stay clutter-free; ultimately leading to a much easier, balanced lifestyle and also being good for your wallet!   Establishing order in your home is often the springboard to pursue other goals and exciting life experiences.

Let me help you make that change, get rid of the clutter and empower you with the know-how to stay organised.